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Home Design Tips in Davenport and Moline, IL

You want to make over your home. Start by seeking the latest in home design tips from the design professionals in our local flooring store. Flooring is a key element in the design of any space, but there is so much more. Let us help you with products, design, and color schemes for a whole new look.

Modern decorating ideas at our showrooms reveal a blend of styles. We find that most people who want to transform the look of their homes choose from a number of styles. With so many choices in our collections, it’s easy to achieve the unique style you want. The philosophy of our design specialists is to go with what pleases you and what looks good in that space. See ideas on Instagram for inspiration for every room in your house.

You can also find a number of home design ideas on our Facebook page. Find rooms full of creative ideas for house design. Since it is our goal to inspire you, we make a multitude of resources available to you. Come into our store to talk to one of our design professionals. Go to our website for new home ideas. Check out YouTube for the latest buzz.

Small Living Room Ideas: Less Is More
One of the decorating concerns we continue to address for our customers has to do with small living room ideas. Small spaces are a challenge, as you must be conscious of making choices that do not overwhelm a small space--such as huge pieces of furniture, too many bold colors, or an overuse of patterns.

Work with one of our design professionals to follow the rule that less is more. Consider choosing just one huge piece of furniture with others of moderate or even small size. Think about picking out just one bold color, perhaps for one wall. Incorporate a single pattern for visual appeal with simplicity. With our help, your small living room is vibrant, open, and welcoming.

Living Room Colors in the Palette You Prefer
The palette you choose for your living room sets the tone for this space. Are you interested in living room colors that encourage peace and relaxation? Or, do you prefer strong shades that define this space? Ask our design professionals to assist you in choosing a palette of colors that work together to produce the effect you wish for your living room.

House Design Solutions for Your Décor Challenges
Ask our interior decorators how to meet the challenges that certain rooms in your home pose. This include spaces that are small, such as hallways and bathrooms; multiuse rooms, such as living rooms that double as game rooms or home theaters; and open spaces where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are one big space. Bring us your decorating problems and we provide you with grand solutions that look fabulous.

Everything begins with a single idea. We are here to help you turn that idea into beautiful and livable reality with designs that incorporate key elements already in place in your home. This merging of what you have and what you love with what is fresh and new makes your home so much more appealing and exciting for your entire family.

Creating a Rustic Kitchen
Let us help you change the décor in your kitchen. One of the freshest new ideas is a rustic kitchen. This just seems to fit with the idea of great meals prepared lovingly in your home. It does not matter that the rest of the house is Victorian, beach house, or ultramodern. The kitchen is its own domain and you choose the style you prefer.

Let us help you put together all the elements that make a rustic kitchen appear so homey and livable--other than rustic appliances, of course. Every element builds on this theme. A slate floor is a great idea, as is a backsplash in earthy tones. That down-home appeal also extends to the fixtures, furniture, and appliances. Our interior decorators are here to offer you helpful recommendations that allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Wall Decor Brings Life to a Space
Imagine a beautifully furnished room with nothing on the walls. It will look sterile and empty despite the furnishings. However, add the right wall décor and character, style, and color bring a space to life. A mixture of items in different price ranges is fine for art. Not every piece has to be museum quality. The only rule is that you truly love the items you use for decorating your walls.

You have so many options to beautify your walls from art to clocks to ornamental shelving. May we suggest the right mix of decorative items with one really special piece. This could be an heirloom, antique, or something purchased especially for this space.

Room Design: Where Function & Beauty Align
Room design is a weighty matter that requires a great deal of thought. What goes where is essential to comfort and function. For example, in the kitchen, the stove, sink, and refrigerator need to be within several steps of each other. Otherwise, it is hard to prepare food and cook meals. The same situation applies to the bathroom, where you need easy access. For instance, the toilet must be near the sink.

Count on the expertise of our interior decorators to help you figure out design that is efficient, as well as appealing. After all, this is your home we are talking about. Comfort, beauty, and functionality are key to a happy home.

Contact us today for ideas that inspire you in your home remodel. We proudly serve customers throughout Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, East Moline, and Silvis, Iowa, as well as the surrounding areas.

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