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Carpet in Davenport, IA, and Moline, IL

When you’re ready to upgrade your flooring with a new carpet, talk to our flooring experts at Flooring America with showrooms in Davenport, IA, and Moline, IL. You’ll find various styles from some of the industry’s most recognized brand names at our showrooms. Whatever color, pattern, or pile thickness you have in mind for your home design project, we have the products that you are sure to love. Our friendly and knowledgeable flooring specialists are ready to help you find the right carpet for your home. We take your performance needs, design goals, and current interior design styles into consideration when helping you find your perfect carpet product. From selection to installation, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.


Beige Carpet Flooring in Living Room


Carpet Types

Carpet remains one of the best-selling flooring styles for many reasons. Besides its comfortable feel and design versatility, carpet provides another layer of indoor insulation, and it has cost-saving advantages over other flooring materials. Whether you’re looking for a particular color or want the best carpet for pets, our selection features many durable carpets that are made to last. Let our team help you navigate the options and set you on track for a home improvement that you’ll love for many years. Learn more about the carpeting types we carry:

  • Berber carpet is a unique carpet style with a soft and cushioned feeling underfoot. Berber carpet can be found in many different pile heights and can be constructed as multi-level or level-loop carpets. The natural strength and ability to hide dirt and debris in high-traffic areas make Berber carpet one of the market’s most versatile and popular styles of carpet. 
  • Plush carpet offers a plush feeling when you walk on it. It is well known for being silky and smooth to the touch and for its resiliency against stains and dirt. With its knotted appearance, this carpet can bring great texture to your home. 
  • Cut-loop carpet is made of uncut looped fibers, offering a surface level typically woven or tufted. Cut-loop carpets are made of fibers that are straight and have been cut. This design gives cut-loop carpets a snag-free consistency that is desired for pet- and kid-friendly homes. These styles offer a homey, casual look that quickly hides imprints.
  • Patterned carpet makes fantastic statement pieces for your home and will leave any guest in awe. Patterns on carpets are created using a process similar to printing on paper, such as flatbed or rotary screen printing. This is an excellent option if you want to add a bold and beautiful pattern to your room.
  • Saxony carpet is a luxurious option resistant to shading, wear, and traffic marks. Saxony carpet are cut-pile carpets that add an opulent feel to any space.


The Benefits of Carpet

Carpet has many benefits that can complement your home and lifestyle. We only carry carpets from the best brands and manufacturers in the industry, including Core Elements, Design Distinctions, Innovia, Tigressa, Resista, Patterns Unlimited, Spotlight Values, Couristan, Kaleen, and many more. By only carrying the best, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting flooring that will last for years. Learn about our carpet selection’s many benefits:  


  • Carpet absorbs sound, making it a less noisy flooring surface to walk on.
  • Carpet is a soft, non-slip surface that makes it a safe flooring for kids and pets to play on.
  • It is one of the most affordable flooring types on the market.
  • Most carpets are treated to resist stains and soil, making them easy to clean and maintain.
  • Carpet traps allergy-causing particles and prevents them from entering your home, promoting a cleaner home environment.
  • Carpet can add style to any space and give a room an entirely different feel.
  • Carpet brings warmth and insulation.


Innovative Waterproof Carpet

We carry waterproof carpet flooring that is >perfect for active households with kids or pets. Waterproof carpeting looks like any other carpet, except its protective backing prevents moisture from reaching the subfloor. When you have a waterproof carpet, stains will stay on the surface, making them easier to clean and less likely to leave a mark. Waterproof carpet fibers are also resistant to visible wear and tear, offering you peace of mind to keep liquids from seeping into the fiber.


Commercial Carpet in Office

Keeping Your Carpet Like Brand New

The best part of having carpet in your home is more than just the ease of maintenance. Our carpeting selections were created with long-term wear and tear in mind, so we made them to withstand even the toughest damage and stains. We recommend vacuuming your carpet at least twice weekly and doing an annual cleaning to keep its fresh appearance. Be sure to check out your warranty before using a carpet cleaner on your new flooring. This is a great way to find out which products will keep your carpet like-new, as some chemicals could damage the carpet’s fibers.

Professional Carpet Installation

Our flooring store is dedicated to your complete satisfaction with our products and services. To complete your shopping experience, we offer our professional installation service to ensure that you get the most from your purchase. Our flooring experts install your new carpet correctly for optimal attractiveness and product longevity. We look forward to speaking with you about finding the best type of carpet flooring for your home. Regarding beautiful carpets, no one beats what we have to offer. By trusting us to handle your installation, we ensure that the investment that you put into your home is backed by our Adore Your Floor Guarantee. This is our promise to you, and if, within 30-days of installation, you find yourself dissatisfied with our work, we will happily replace them at no additional cost.

Contact us for more information about our carpets. We proudly serve customers in Davenport, IA, and Moline, IL and the surrounding communities.

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